In 2020, the first climate agreements between the state, provinces and municipalities will be fulfilled. An important agreement concerns the wind energy production on land. In order to achieve this, a considerable amount of wind energy will have to be produced per province. The province of North Holland has the task of making a total of 685.5 megawatts (MW) spatially possible. More than half have already been realised by existing wind turbines. Some of these wind turbines need to be replaced. In order to meet the preservation of the rural character of North Holland, the policy of 2 to 1 applies. Two existing wind turbines have to be demolished to replace 1 new one.

BLIX Consultancy has recently conducted the tenders and contract negotiations for two wind farms in North Holland to select, purchase, install and maintain the most suitable wind turbine. BLIX* assisted Windpark Westfrisia with the construction of 5 wind turbines of 2.35 MW, accounting for the electricity consumption of approximately 12,000 households. Since February, this wind farm has been running at full speed. Wind farm Ferrum will be realised on the Tata Steel site in Velsen. These will be 3 wind turbines of 2.35 MW (electricity for 6,000 households). In this project, financial close has been reached; construction can begin.

Mark Duppen, senior project manager at BLIX Consultancy:

“Onshore wind farm development is changing rapidly. There are few places available in the Netherlands for large wind farms and a lot of consultation with the surroundings is desired. As a result, you see more and more local small projects emerging, often supported by a part of the population.  These wind projects with 3-6 wind turbines go through the same process as large wind farms, but have less knowledge in-house. Especially for these projects, it is of great importance to have the specifications around the wind turbine clearly on paper before negotiations on costs and conditions start. Because as a small wind farm, you already earn money here. At the Ferrum and Westfrisia wind farms, we have been able to buy smartly and make thorough agreements. It’s nice to be a small, but still important cog in the acceleration of the energy transition.”


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