BLIX Consultancy has opened a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan, to support the offshore wind business in the Asia Pacific region.

The new office is located at the center of Taipei and will be the base for Maarten Timmerman and Willemijn van der Werf. Maarten is one of the founders of BLIX Consultancy in the Netherlands . He is currently working as the Balance of Plant package manager for the 1044 MW Hai Long offshore wind energy farm in Taiwan. Due to upcoming new assignments in South-Korea, Japan and Taiwan, Willemijn van der Werf will work for BLIX Asia. The office opened March 11, 2020.

“Since I have been working for over two years from Taipei now Taiwan is well-known to me, just as the Asian region is. Opening an office here is ideal to be closer to our clients and meet them in a professional setting.” says Maarten Timmerman.

BLIX Consultancy has over 10 years of experience in onshore and offshore wind energy projects. European and US based projects will be coordinated from the Netherlands by founder and Managing Director Albert van der Hem who will be responsible for the onshore wind, solar and strategy portfolio. Roeland Steenhuis has been newly appointed as Managing Director with responsibility for the offshore wind energy portfolio worldwide.

“Bringing down LCoE has the main focus in all energy projects and thus in our line of work. We have an advantage in being from the Netherlands, having over 10 years of experience in onshore and offshore wind energy and being the proud pioneers in helping develop the offshore wind concession tenders for the Netherlands government. We know everything there is to know on site investigations, their impact on the bids and engineering. During designing and developing we are experts on the balance of plant, electricity grid, wind turbine generators, their life cycle, whether bottom-fixed or floating.” says Roeland Steenhuis.

Albert van der Hem states: “And if Asian governments or developers want to know more on market opportunities or grid connectivity, we perform LCoE and supply chain analyses, provide strategic market studies, perform due diligences and validations, provide offshore wind courses, and organise processes to engage the right stakeholders.”

The consultancy firm started in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 2009 and now assists clients in Asia, USA and EU in accelerating the energy transition. BLIX helped to realize 20 GW of wind energy and 80 MWp solar energy at the end of 2019.

A few of BLIX projects globally:

  • Northland Power, Yushan Energy, Mitsui | concession tender support & development Hai Long project Taiwan – 1044 MW
  • DOB (NOA), Japan | teach the teacher offshore wind development course
  • Eolfi, France | contract and tender management floating offshore wind – 28.5 MW
  • ADEME, France | market study offshore (floating) wind supply chain
  • Nyserda, New York, USA | site investigation study offshore wind energy – 180 MW
  • Elia, Belgium | asset management strategy for “Modular Offshore Grid” at sea
  • Storm, Belgium | technical, financial and contractual support at 14 wind farms
  • Northland Power, Neart na Goithe, Schotland | support concession tender – 524 MW
  • NEA (RVO), The Netherlands | Contract and project management for the collection of site data for offshore wind areas Borssele, Hollandse Kust (zuid, noord and west)
  • NERO, Romania | mandated to acquire seed capital and equity, plus support to the wind turbine tender – 1000 MW