Jack Finch
Jack FinchConsultant | Project Manager
Geotechnical engineer with extensive experience in offshore site investigation projects worldwide.

Jack Finch

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Jack Finch is a Consultant and Project Manager at BLIX. He holds a BSc in Applied Geology from the University of Plymouth and an MSc in Engineering Geology from the University of Portsmouth.

Previously, Jack worked for a geotechnical contractor, where he gained experience in offshore site investigation projects worldwide. In his onshore role, he worked in project management, producing safety and project quality reports. He also worked in the geotechnical department, overseeing ongoing operations and interpreting laboratory results. Offshore, Jack served as a Geotechnical Engineer, supervising works during 24-hour operations. He also worked separately as an Offshore Project Manager, assuming overall responsibility for project completion in offshore locations such as North America, West Africa, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Following this role, he joined a UK consultant, providing Geotechnical and Geological services to the quarrying industry in Ireland and the UK.

Jack’s strong foundation in geology and geotechnical engineering combined with his problem-solving skills and attention to detail mean he is well suited to the challenges of site characterization. His experience working as an engineer and offshore project manager on international surveys make him an asset to the offshore team.

“I have a strong passion for utilizing my geological and geotechnical expertise to assess offshore locations worldwide, contributing to the energy transition. Working for BLIX, I feel empowered to fulfill this goal.”