Understand the world of renewable energy

Get the most out of a renewable energy project with this course

At the 4th of November Albert van der Hem, director of BLIX consultancy, will be the lecturer of a course about wind energy, at requested of Euroforum. This day is part of the 7 day education ‘Renewable Energy Projects’ (in Dutch). The first day of this education starts already at the 29th of September. Euroforum organises courses, educations and congresses for professionals. By means of practice examples trainees will learn all steps to develop and realise a wind project. Would you like to learn more about renewable energy projects? You can still sign up. Furthermore, BLIX may give away one guest ticket.

What will you learn?

Albert van der Hem is an experienced developer of onshore and offshore wind farms. He advises about project development, procurement, new business and strategy. During the course he will share his knowledge and experiences with you, so that you will have insights in how to successfully develop a wind energy project. Expect an instructive, interactive day with case studies.

Who is it for?

The course is interesting for everyone working in renewable energy projects. This could be for head of departments, policy makers, process and program managers, project leaders, legal experts and consultants at for example governments, water boards, developers, real estate companies, energy companies and grid operators.

Sign up

The entire education exists of 3 basic modules about renewable energy (the market, business cases, financing and project approach). Besides that you can choose from four optional modules (thermal, sun, wind and bio energy). You can sign up for the full seven day program ((€ 3.999,-), just for the basis modules (€ 2.499,-) or for one of the optional modules (€ 799,-). Sign up via BLIX by sending an e-mail to saskia@blix-bv.com. U will receive a discount of €250,- when you sign up for the entire education, €125,- when you sign up for the basis module and €50,- when you sign up for one module.


BLIX gives away one entry for the entire education! Mail this week to saskia@blix-bv.com  and finish the following sentence: I am motivated to participate in this education, because….. BLIX will send the winner a personal message on the 27th of September.

Have a look at www.euroforum.nl/duurzameprojecten for more information about this education.