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Our experienced offshore and onshore wind and solar consultants are experts in project management and -development, from feasibility studies to contracting and construction. In total, BLIX has assisted dozens of onshore and offshore wind and solar projects. during every phase of the project.

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BLIX also published several studies and reports related to offshore and onshore wind.

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Hai Long II & III

Tender phase
BLIX fulfilled several roles in the bid team of NPI, including key positions in planning, risk, interface, pricing of major balance of plant components, and project integration support for the 1.044 MW offshore wind farm Hai Long. This contributed to NPI winning the tender.

Project development phase
BLIX performs the management and contracting of the BOP package, including the foundations, infield and export cables and the offshore and onshore substation.

BLIX also supported with management, expert review and contracting of the site investigation campaigns.

Finally, BLIX provides to the project a risk and interface manager.

Site and Soil investigations for offshore wind farm locations Borssele, Hollandse Kust, IJmuiden Ver

BLIX managed the site and soil investigations for offshore wind farm locations Borssele, Hollandse Kust, IJmuiden Ver for the coast of the Netherlands, totalling over 7.5 GW.

Management included:

  • Contract and manage full site investigations.
  • Creating extensive information package for the developer on the water, soil, wind and wave conditions.


  • ‘State-of-the-art’ DNV-GL approved tender and data package that allowed for subsidy free and low LCoE bids.
  • 99.9% LiDAR data availability
  • International recognition for innovative tendering process
  • Significant lower risk for developers
  • Reduction of time to first power generated

L’éolien en mer région Dunkerque

To support our client with their bid, BLIX managed:

  • Drafting the RfP* documentation;.
  • Coordination of the submission of the RfP documents to suppliers;.
  • Managing the Q&A process with suppliers including;
    • Set-up and chair clarification meetings;
    • lssuing of tender bulletins;.
  • Review of proposals;
  • Organise and attend negotiation meetings with suppliers.
  • Preparation of a concluding bid-tab, including a qualitative and pricing assessment of the proposals received.

*The objective of the RfP process for the soils package is to execute exploratory geophysical and geotechnical surveys and have the results available in time to allow them to be used for foundation design and bid preparation.

Preparing an LCoE comparison tool for the offshore wind energy

For an undisclosed client, BLIX prepared an LCoE comparison tool for the offshore wind energy business cases with different foundation types (monopiles, jackets and floating foundations).

Client asked this tool to use it for understanding the commercial break even points for changing the foundation type for the current and future projects that they will work on. Together with the model, BLIX also shared an insight to the future of floating wind market.

Export markets assessment for the Dutch offshore wind industry

We conducted a market study on offshore wind energy in the Baltics: ‘Export markets assessment for the Dutch offshore wind industry: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania’.

For each of the three Baltic States countries, BLIX assessed the policy and regulatory environment, the offshore grid infrastructure plan, maritime spatial plan, the offshore wind value and supply chain, and current development activities. The purpose of the study is to inform Dutch companies who are active in the offshore wind energy business and who seek opportunities in the Baltic States.

Link to the report

Eolien offshore: analyse des potentiels industriels et économiques en France

Together with I Care & Consult, based in Paris, our experts carried out a market study into the global developments in offshore wind, which was commissioned by ADEME.

Based on various studies and interviews with market parties, we provided a detailed analysis of the French and international supply chain, growth expectations and opportunities in the different markets for French companies.

Link to the report

Levelised Cost of Energy reduction: Selection of optimal wind farm sites

IJmuiden Ver, Hollandse Kust, Ten Noorden van de Wadden (total >6 GW)

Detailed LCoE study verifying several variants based on:

  • Turbine yield and wake losses
  • Wind farm design including inter-array cabling
  • Obstacles (shipping lanes, pipelines, helicopter routes, defence area, fishing maintenance zones, etc)


  • Enable subsidy free tender due to optimal site conditions 169 €/MWh -> 87 €/MWh
  • Lower risk for developers
Link to the report

Wind farm Kroningswind

On behalf of TDP (TINC Development Partners), BLIX carried out a technical buyer’s due diligence for the 19 turbines, 80 MW wind farm in the south-west of the Netherlands. BLIX supported the buyer with a red flag analysis, risk analysis and remaining investment and operational costs to determine the value of the project.

BLIX was responsible for the tendering and contracting of the wind turbines and the Balance of Plant works.

During the construction phase, BLIX is managing the construction. BLIX provides also experts for the turbine package management, civil works management and the stakeholder management.

Wind farm NERO

BLIX is mandated to acquire seed capital and equity for NERO. BLIX executed a due diligence on the project and jointly with NERO created a financial model, project description, development plan, risk register, dataroom and gave strategic advice. BLIX then created an Information Memorandum and sent it to selected investors.

Currently, BLIX supports NERO with the execution of the wind turbine tender.

Technical and Contractual Due Diligence for 14 STORM wind farms

BLIX performed the technical & contractual due diligences for 14 onshore wind farms in Belgium, including wind farm Melsele, Wachtebeke, Lokeren and Berlare. During the due diligence, we gave reliance to equity providers and banks such as Triodos & KBC, always working transparent and with an eye for quality and detail.

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