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As a leading provider of renewable energy consultancy services, BLIX has extensive knowledge and experience in the business, having successfully completed over 1000 projects in approximately 20 countries across the world. Our expertise stretches across onshore, offshore and strategy projects.

  • BLIX has in depth knowledge of on- and offshore grid and wind business case drivers. Combined with our hands-on experience with governments, developers, asset owners and the supply chain, we are the ideal partner for strategic advice.
  • We support you in all phases of onshore and offshore wind projects, from first concept development to final O&M strategies.
  • Due to our presence in on- and offshore wind development, we have a strong vision on the future development of the offshore wind market, the related infrastructure and overall energy markets.

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BLIX also published several studies and reports related to offshore and onshore wind.

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Hai Long II & III

During the tender phase, BLIX fulfilled several roles in the bid team of NPI, including:

  • Key positions in planning, risk and interface management
  • Pricing of major Balance of Plant components
  • Project integration support

After the tender had been granted to NPI, the project moved to the development phase in which BLIX:

  • Performs the management and contracting of the BOP package, including the foundations, infield and export cables and the offshore and onshore substation
  • Supported with management, expert review and contracting of the site investigation campaigns
  • Provides a risk and interface manager to the project


  • Increase of local content and supply chain
  • Significant cost savings and optimizations in EPCI scope
  • Optimized jacket design

Finally, BLIX provides to the project a risk and interface manager.

Hollandse Kust West VI & VII – Undiscolosed consortium, The Netherlands

BLIX supported the ecology and system integration bids by:

  • Identification of investments and innovations for above and underwater ecology, including low-noise foundations and monitoring technologies.
  • Systems integration investments and innovations for e.g. green hydrogen production, and other flexible demand solutions like e-boilers, floating solar and battery storage.
  • Setup of full R&D plans with external partners
  • Strategic bid writing and communication expertise
  • Contract management


  • Competetitive bids with an extensive package of investments, innovations and research on ecology and system integration.
  • Extensive communication and disseminiation plans.

Kroningswind - Tinc Development Partners, The Netherlands

On behalf of TDP (Tinc Development Partners), BLIX, together with Green Trust, carried out:

  • A technical buyer’s due diligence on a 80 MW, 19 turbine wind project in the southwest of the Netherlands.
  • TDP bought the project and BLIX brought the project to financial close, provided contract management and procured the wind turbines and the blance of plant.
  • After that BLIX managed the construction of the balance of plant and the turbines.


  • A 80 MW tender won
  • A fully contracted windfarm ready for project finance
  • A 80 MW windfarm constructed within budget and time

Site and Soil investigations for offshore wind farm locations Borssele, Hollandse Kust, IJmuiden Ver – RVO, the Netherlands

BLIX managed the site and soil investigations for offshore wind farm locations Borssele, Hollandse Kust and IJmuiden Ver, totalling over 7.5 GW.

The work of BLIX included:

  • Contracting and managing full site investigations (geotech, geophys and metocean).
  • Creating extensive information package for the developer on the water, soil, wind and wave conditions.


  • ‘State-of-the-art’ DNV-GL approved tender and data package that allowed for subsidy free and low LCoE bids.
  • 9% LiDAR data availability
  • International recognition for innovative tendering process
  • Significant lower risk for developers and reduction of time to first power generated

Maasvlakte 2 – Undiscolosed consortium, the Netherlands

On behalf of an undisclosed onshore and offshore wind investor, BLIX performed:

  • A buyer’s Technical Due Diligence
  • An independent Energy Yield Assessment (EYA) on the 117MW Maasvlakte II windfarm in the Netherlands.

Eneco developed the project, consisting of 22 Vestas wind turbines, in technically very challenging locations. Roughly half of the turbines have been constructed on a hard sea defense, while the other turbines were constructed on the beach, both posing numerous challenges during construction and during the operational lifetime of the windfarm.


  • A risk register
  • A full breakdown of expected operational expenditures

Pre-feed study – Eesti Energia, Estonia

For Eesti Energia, BLIX performed a Pre-FEED study for the Gulf of Riga Offshore Wind Farm which has a planned capacity of 1GW. Scope of the study includes the definition of the required studies, contracting strategy and mechanisms as well as timeline and cost estimates during the FEED phase.

Within this scope, BLIX was responsible for:

  • Basic Site Conditions Assessment: Review of current site conditions including soil, metocean, environment
  • Technology Study: Review of possible foundation and wind turbine solutions, design of monopile structures, energy yield assessment and wind farm layout optimization
  • Electrical Design Study: Review of possible grid solutions including hybrid concept, design of grid connection solution including inter-array cables and onshore connection
  • Cost Estimates: Detailed cost and LCoE estimates including CAPEX, OPEX and DEVEX


  • A full overview of the site, its technical challenges, its possible technological solutions, costs and business case.

Market Study – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baltic States

BLIX provided an analysis of the offshore wind market in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, including:

  • Policies and plans
  • Grid infrastructure developments
  • Permitting procedure
  • Project pipeline
  • Value and supply chain analysis, including assessment of the competitive landscape for the Baltic States.

For all these aspects, data have been collected through deskstudies as well as interviews with stakeholders.


  • Plan of approach for the Dutch government
  • Solid basis for Dutch companies which are seeking opportunities for future projects in the Baltic .
Link to the report

EZ Audit Energy Island Ijmuiden VER – TenneT TSO, the Netherlands

For the Energy Island Ijmuiden VER, BLIX validated the assumptions and considerations used by TenneT to arrive at an optimal transport and landfall of the electricity from the future IJmuiden Ver wind energy area.

Six different scenarios were validated by BLIX:

  • Conventional AC or DC platforms of different sizes;
  • AC or DC island-hub concept.


  • BLIX concluded that the technical assumptions of the TenneT studies were valid, however, that the permit planning of an island hub was too optimistic.
  • The Ministry decided to go for a DC platform

LCoE study – RVO, the Netherlands

BLIX performed a study to investigate the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) of offshore wind farms and their grid connection at a first selection of new search areas for wind farm zones after the roadmap 2030.

The results provided insights into:

  • The main yield and cost factors governing the LCoE in each zone and site
  • Which areas have the most favourable conditions (from an LCoE perspective).

Based on these first results and recommendations by the project team, new search area configurations and sensitivities were further analysed in close alignment with Ministry of EACP, Rijkswaterstaat, RVO and Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management.

Stakeholder Engagement Process Ijmuiden Ver – TenneT TSO, the Netherlands

TenneT has designed a 2GW HVDC grid connection system for the IJmuiden Ver offshore wind area. Given the interface with the offshore wind farms and the importance that the offshore wind developers can have with certain technical design options, TenneT has set up a stakeholder engagement process.

As an independent party, BLIX leads this consultation process through a project leader, day chairman and communication manager. Instruments to consult the windfarm developers were:

  • Live consultation on design and interface topics
  • Setup of online communication portal for discussion
  • Position papers to finalise proposed grid positions


  • Consensus between all stakeholders on technical design and interface topics of the new 2GW HVDC grid concept for IJmuiden Ver (as new standard for HVDC)

Technical and Contractual Due Diligence for 20+ STORM wind farms – Storm NV, Belgium

BLIX performed technical & contractual and due diligences for more than 20 Belgium onshore wind farms of developer Storm in the last 12 years and gave reliance to equity providers and banks such as Triodos & KBC.


  • 22 onshore windfarm projects that reached financial close

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