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(Green) Hydrogen can be used as an alternative power source for car fuels, but is also a pleasant entry for the industry. Our hydrogen team understands the need from the industry and also has the knowledge to combine solar and wind with hydrogen development.

Since 2009, BLIX supports its clients with the feasibility and development of onshore and offshore wind farms. We see hydrogen as another development in order to enable the global transition and reach worldwide climate targets, especially in combination with wind- and solar energy. We have the capacity, knowledge and drive to support you with your hydrogen project during every phase, be it feasibility and market studies, contract and tender management, project management or construction management.

Our hydrogen services during every phase of the project
  • Feasibility and location studies (whether or not in combination with wind and solar farms)

  • LCoH analysis

  • Analysis of technical and environmental constraints

  • Financial modelling

  • Set-up development plans

  • Guide EIA procedures and permit processes

  • Communication and stakeholder management

  • Define and find solutions for technical barriers

  • (preliminary) farm design coordination

  • Contracting strategy

  • Overall project management

  • Contract strategy and management

  • Tender management

  • Technical package management

  • Due diligence

  • Risk and interface management

  • Financial modelling

  • Construction management

  • Site supervision

  • Technical package management

  • HSE-management

  • Quality assurance and control management

  • Contract and claims management

  • Communication and stakeholder management

  • QA/QC Management

  • Set-up O&M strategy

  • Asset management

  • Take-over and end of warranty inspections

  • Communication and stakeholder management

  • Financial management

  • PPA management

Our strategic and financial services during every phase of the project

Our advice is based on in-depth knowledge of the public energy policies, the latest technical and financial developments and the risks and opportunities within the renewable energy market, combined with our broad network in the sector.

  • Strategic advice on hydrogen energy policy

  • Buyer’s due diligence

  • Project sales

  • Assessment of investment plans

  • Market studies (and consulting on entry strategy)

  • Supply Chain Analysis

  • Energy Market Modelling

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