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For the BLIX strategy team, being at the forefront of the energy transition means to be strategically active in new fields and developments such as floating wind & solar, system integration and (offshore) hydrogen production, offshore grid development and nature inclusive design.

We have conducted a variety of studies for public and private parties, including market studies in Asia and Europe, LCoE assessment studies for (future) offshore wind farm locations, and supply chain analyses. We have also conducted several researches to identify bottlenecks and support our clients with reviewing proposals and give second opinions on studies and analyses. We always work transparent, give honest feedback and work to achieve the best results.

Our strategic and financial services during every phase of the project

Our advice is based on in-depth knowledge of the public energy policies, the latest technical and financial developments and the risks and opportunities within the renewable energy market, combined with our broad network in the sector.

  • New product/supplier assessment

  • O&M strategy assessment

  • LCoE analysis

  • Feasibility study

  • Validation study

  • Strategic advice on renewable energy deployment policy

  • Buyer’s due diligence

  • Financial modelling

  • PPA support

  • Assessment of investment plans

  • Market studies (and consulting on entry strategy)

  • Supply Chain Analysis

  • Energy Market Modelling

  • Project management

  • Education

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