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Meet the BLIX team

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Our team is passionate to realise your wind and solar energy projects

We are Project Managers, Technical Engineers, Strategic Advisors and Financial Modelers, always looking for ways to help you develop and realise your project.

Albert van der Hem
Albert van der HemManaging Director | Founder
Expert strategic advisor and project developer of onshore and offshore wind farms and large scale solar projects.

Mail: albert­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 1330 4177

Maarten Timmerman
Maarten TimmermanDirector BLIX Asia | Founder
Expert advisor of commercial, contractual, and technical aspects of offshore wind energy development projects world-wide.

Mail: maarten­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +886 09008 41607

Roeland Steenhuis
Roeland SteenhuisManaging Director | Manager Offshore Wind
Senior expert in contract and project management of onshore and offshore wind farms.

Mail: roeland­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 1227 2587

Manon Dikhoff
Manon DikhoffGeneral Manager | HR Manager
Relations focused General Manager and HR Manager with years of experience in business management.

Mail: manon­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 1268 0875

Willemijn van der Werf
Willemijn van der WerfDirector Business Development Asia
Senior business Developer with strong interest in sustainable innovations, eager to overcome environmental challenges.

Mail: willemijn­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +886 09660 06702

Imke Maassen van den Brink
Imke Maassen van den BrinkSenior Consultant | Manager Strategy & Finance
Mechanical Engineer with a strong analytical mind, specialised in strategic and financial planning, LCoE research and market studies.

Mail: imke@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 5338 2917

Harry Post
Harry PostSenior Consultant | Project Manager Wind and Solar
Onshore and Offshore Project Manager and Senior Construction Manager, with more than twenty years of experience in civil and marine construction.

Mail: Harry@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 3066 9533

Gijs Nieuwint
Gijs Nieuwint Senior Consultant | Manager Onshore Wind
Project Manager with extended experience in tendering and contracting, and specialised in WTG Package Management.

Mail: gijs­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 8305 8865

Akke Dijkstra
Akke DijkstraSenior Consultant | Legal Counsel
Senior Contract Manager & Legal Counsel with international contract management experience and expertise in legislation and regulations.

Mail: akke@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 1274 2292

Tim Drummen
Tim DrummenSenior Consultant | Project Manager
Senior foundation & soil expert; geotechnical engineer and business developer with wide experience in offshore site investigation techniques.

Mail: timdrummen­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 8284 4315

Marco Bogaards
Marco BogaardsSenior Consultant | Project Manager
Senior Contract Manager with over fifteen years of experience in contract management, procurement management and project management, with a focus on onshore wind energy projects.

Mail: marco­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 1264 3268

Jeroen Godtschalk
Jeroen GodtschalkSenior Consultant | Project Manager
Senior specialist in marine soil & site investigations and civil engineering. More than twenty years of experience in the operations of the global offshore industry.

Mail: jeroen­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 8280 3313

Marcel Remijn
Marcel RemijnSenior Consultant | Project Manager
Senior offshore wind expert with several years of experience in both geotechnical engineering as well as transportation and installation.

Mail: marcel@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 8206 1908

Roy Bergsma
Roy BergsmaConsultant | Project Manager
Onshore and Offshore Wind Engineer, with strong analytical skills; specialised in WTG Package Management.

Mail: roy­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 4828 3472

Niek Olijve
Niek OlijveConsultant | Project Manager
Interface and Risk Manager with wide experience in the development and realisation of offshore wind grid connections.

Mail: niek­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 4682 6323

Mümin Raif
Mümin RaifConsultant | Manager Strategy & Finance
Project Engineer & expert wind yield and LCOE calculations with an all-round perspective of wind energy projects.

Mail: mumin­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 2797 5478

Tijmen Gombert
Tijmen GombertConsultant | Project Manager
Project Engineer, expertise in Transport, Installation, tendering and Strategy and with strong interest in marine and offshore construction industry.

Mail: tijmen­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 8297 8865

Mark van Veenendaal
Mark van VeenendaalConsultant | Project Manager
Civil Engineer who is specialised in Transport and Installation and hands-on experience in several stages of onshore and offshore wind projects.

Mail: markvanveenendaal­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 4208 9141

Antonio Alves da Silva
Antonio Alves da SilvaConsultant | Project Manager
Skilful and all-round mechanical engineer with several years of experience in the wind and construction industry.

Mail: antonio@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 8206 1488

Timo Staal
Timo StaalConsultant | Project Manager
Offshore & Dredging Engineer with a passion for renewable energy and sports. Specialised in Bottom Founded & Floating offshore structures.

Mail: timo­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 8209 9473

Tim van de Noort
Tim van de NoortConsultant | Communications & Stakeholder Manager
Communications and Stakeholder Manager with broad experience in renewable energy projects.

Mail: timvandenoort­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 2311 5642

Miranda Krotje
Miranda KrotjeOffice Manager
Office Manager and Communication Officer with organising talent and experience in textual design.

Mail: miranda­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 8315 6900

Jelle van der Hem
Jelle van der HemAdministrator
Financial Administrator and IT Manager with a sharp focus on numbers and results.

Mail: administratie­@blixconsultancy.com
Call: +31 6 2123 8656

Our Associates

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Mike Cholmin An
Mike Cholmin AnDirector BLIX Korea
International Business Specialist; experienced Project Manager in Renewable energy, Maritime / Shipbuilding Industry and Construction.
Charlie Cheolwoo An
Charlie Cheolwoo AnDirector BLIX Korea
Senior Mechanical Engineer with broad experience in Offshore Wind Design & Engineering and Transport & Installation.
Ben de Sonneville
Ben de SonnevilleSenior Consultant
Expert in offshore wind farm development and offshore engineering, with a focus on balance of plant package management.
Mark Duppen
Mark DuppenSenior Consultant
Aerospace engineer; specialised in the execution of the turbine tender for onshore wind projects; experienced wind turbine package manager.
Hans de Boer
Hans de BoerSenior Consultant
Driven, result-oriented and flexible senior developer of wind farms, experienced in various aspects of wind project development.
Michiel Oosterhaven
Michiel OosterhavenSenior Consultant
Experienced developer of onshore wind farms; advisor in all development phases, due diligence, and contract- and project management.
Jaap Roos
Jaap RoosContract Manager
Over thirty years of experience in contract management, of which more than fifteen years in the wind industry.
Boyd van der Plas
Boyd van der PlasClaim and Contract Manager
Senior Contract Manager with extensive projects experience, both as lead contract manager and as a lead claim manager, with wide knowledge of contract standards.
Henk de Pater
Henk de PaterSenior Consultant
Highly skilled international Project Manager for the contracting and construction of offshore and onshore wind farms.
Naohiro Kuji
Naohiro KujiLocal representative for BLIX in Japan
Chemicals and power generation expert with close to thirty years of experience in various commercial roles.