Akke Dijkstra
Akke DijkstraSenior Consultant | Legal Counsel
Senior Contract Manager & Legal Counsel with international contract management experience and expertise in legislation and regulations.

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Akke Dijkstra

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Akke Dijkstra is a passionate Senior Consultant and Legal Counsel at BLIX Consultancy. She holds a Master’s in International & European Business Law, with specific experience in advising, developing, and implementing contract strategies and tender management.

She has gained more than ten years of project experience in various sectors, including oil and gas, engineering and (semi) government. Her international contract management experience in both the (pre) tender and implementation phase, as well as her legal background enable her to keep track of the different phases of the project, from business case to execution.

Akke’s interest and experience in the field of the application of legislation and regulations also make her a professional sparring partner in complex contractual and legal issues.

With her practical and results-oriented approach, Akke is able to guarantee the execution of the assignment and to propose solutions that are acceptable to all parties. She applies the five most important aspects to successfully operate as a contract manager: customer relationships, risks, services, obligations, and finances.

“BLIX enables me to make the best out of myself. I think it is a privilege that I can apply my knowledge in beautiful projects with an enthusiastic and driven team of professionals, while contributing to a more sustainable future.”