Antonio Alves da Silva
Antonio Alves da SilvaConsultant | Project Manager
Skilful and all-round mechanical engineer with several years of experience in the wind and construction industry.

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Antonio Alves da Silva

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Antonio Alves da Silva, MEng (30) is an experienced mechanical engineer with a broad experience in asset management who started at BLIX in mid-2021 as project manager and consultant. After completing his Master’s in Newcastle in 2013, he started as project engineer at the offshore processing & control company OneSubsea, facing customers and providing turnkey subsea equipment for major oil and gas clients. After that, Antonio moved to Sanqualis S.A. in Lisbon, Portugal, where he worked as construction and development manager. Managing the construction of a condominium and several restoration projects, he was responsible for site management, risk assessments, licensing, KPI monitoring and financial structure reviewing.

His most recent position was at Vestas Wind Technology, where he acted as customer service engineer, asset managing 42 wind farms under service contracts totalling 670 MW of capacity. Here he dealt with a variety of customers from large-scale complex utilities to independent developers and investment funds.

Antonio is fluent in both Portuguese and English, and is currently studying Dutch on A2-level. He has knowledge of a wide variety of software and can, thanks to his experience in project management, work in several phases of the project.

“The energy transition is the most important challenge of our generation. Here at BLIX I can use my skills and interests to accelerate that transition and contribute to a more sustainable planet.”