Barbara Cox
Barbara CoxSenior Consultant | Project Manager
Highly experienced Project & Team Manager with in-depth technical (subsurface) knowledge

Barbara Cox

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Barbara Cox, PhD (47) is Senior Consultant and Project Manager for BLIX. She holds a PhD in Physics of Delft University of Technology and a MSc in Geophysics of Utrecht University. Barbara is a highly experienced Project & Team Manager with in-depth technical (subsurface) knowledge and an integral knowledge of the development of (sustainable) projects.

Before joining BLIX, Barbara worked for Shell as a (Principal) Geophysicist on several disciplines, both abroad and in the Netherlands (among others: R&D in Advanced Seismic Imaging, Areal Monitoring and Reservoir Surveillance) and as an Integration manager of Upstream/Midstream strategy projects. Among her responsibilities were: Project lead for the evaluation and implementation of different offshore geophysical acquisition and monitoring technologies and Team lead for multi-disciplinary development planning. After that, she worked as Subsurface team manager and Project Management Office manager at Aardyn, where she led the teams to support the different stages (from appraisal to abandonment) of geothermal projects.

At BLIX, Barbara will be responsible for geotechnical and geophysical site investigations, the ground model and certification of various scopes.

Barbara likes to use her strong analytical skills to work on complex problems and simplify them in order to achieve results and solutions that move projects forward. She likes keeping an overview within multidisciplinary projects, whilst using her in-depth knowledge to ensure that high-quality results will be delivered.

It is my goal to turn the abstract idea of ‘sustainable development’ into a reality. Working together with the enthusiastic team of professionals in BLIX is a great way to support clients to reach this shared ambition.