Celine Ummels
Celine Ummels Communication Manager | Asssistant Project Manager
Internal and External Communication Manager, assisting on projects and stakeholder management.

Celine Ummels

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Celine Ummels is communication manager and assistant project manager at BLIX consultancy. She graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a master’s in strategic management but has been working in communications for the last couple of years. She likes to combine her creativity and passion for writing with her knowledge about organizations and their strategy. For BLIX, she will manage the internal communication as well as and the external visibility and representation of the company. Moreover, she assists the other consultants with project management tasks and is involved in the stakeholder management of more complex projects.

Celine has an enthusiastic and proactive personality and strives to enable a transparent and open environment where everyone feels connected. To make sure that BLIX is well represented in the outside world, she likes to come up with new and creative ways that enable the organization to communicate with all different stakeholders.

‘As I am really passionate about sustainability, I want to make sure that BLIX’ communication strategy keeps supporting the organization, as well as the future of renewable energy’