Charlie Cheolwoo An
Charlie Cheolwoo AnDirector BLIX Korea
Senior Mechanical Engineer with broad experience in Offshore Wind Design & Engineering and Transport & Installation.

Charlie Cheolwoo An

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Charlie Cheolwoo An is Director of BLIX Korea, together with Mike Cholmin An. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in  Mechanical Engineering and has over twenty years of experience in sales, business communication, development and consulting as well. His experience lies in consulting of customer’s project such as selection of proven and advanced solutions through the above business lines. Charlie advises on local regulations, homologation of necessary installation vessels and equipment as well as communication with local customers.

Before starting at BLIX, he had roles as Consultant in Shipbuilding, repair and conversion, Design and Engineering of Civil, On- and Offshore foundation, handling equipment, etc.

Charlie’s core competences include Sales and Business Communication, Project Management, Transport & Installation expert and Design & Engineering.

“I am very proud to work as a team member of BLIX, and I would like to work for a successful project of our customers with advice based on long experience.”