Claudieni Marinho Neto
Claudieni Marinho NetoConsultant | Project Manager
Electrical Engineer with strong analytical skills and a passion for wind generation and data.

Claudieni Marinho Neto

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Claudieni Neto is a Junior Consultant and Project Manager at BLIX since November 2022. She holds a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on Energy and Automation and Renewable Energy, from the University of São Paulo. Her graduation project was the development of a wind resource assessment tool that uses a large wind measurements database and other input parameters to determine a project’s economic viability.

With a passion for problem solving and data, Claudieni is able to apply her analytical and detail-oriented skills to deliver high quality solutions to our customers.

“I am very excited to contribute to a greener and more sustainable world. Working towards this goal with talented and experienced colleagues at BLIX enables me to learn valuable skills within the Wind Energy sector.”