Gijs Nieuwint
Gijs NieuwintSenior Consultant | Manager Onshore Wind
Project Manager with extended experience in tendering and contracting, and specialised in WTG Package Management.

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Call: +31 6 8305 8865

Gijs Nieuwint

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In April 2019, Gijs Nieuwint joined BLIX Consultancy as Project Manager and Consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering and Sustainable Energy Technology. Since 2011, he has been developing special interest in the technological side of renewable energy, with a focus on solar and wind energy.

Gijs’ interest is focused on developing and improving systems in which multiple forms of technology come together. During the five years at his previous employer, market leader in maintenance of freight locomotives, he was constantly looking for ways to reduce the total footprint of transport.

At BLIX, he developed himself to Senior Consultant and he is now managing large onshore wind projects, in which he can use and apply his specialisation of WTG Package Management.

Gijs is capable of managing people, processes and results. He analyses, discusses and processes complex information and presents it in a clear way.

“Working at BLIX gives me the opportunity to feed my curiosity and use the combination of my social and analytical skills to accelerate the much needed energy transition.”