Hans de Boer
Hans de BoerSenior Consultant
Driven, result-oriented and flexible senior developer of wind farms, experienced in various aspects of wind project development.

Hans de Boer

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Hans de Boer is a driven, result-oriented, and flexible senior developer of wind farms. He has the ability to communicate and negotiate at all levels with stakeholders and project members. Keen on business opportunities and optimising business cases and projects in a field where conflicting interests, policies and laws interact. In the field of project development wind energy, Hans has experience with quick scans, feasibility studies, land lease contracting, spatial planning policies and procedures, civil and administrative consultation, response notes, EIA technical support and optimisation, wind farm layout and micro-siting, communications (PR and lobbying), political scheme support optimisation (consensus), anemometry, power supply, turbine procurement, and construction preparation.

“It is a challenge to bring projects to a successful realisation and thereby it is crucial to work in a professional and multidisciplinary team as BLIX. When the result is achieved, it gives a lot of satisfaction!”