Imke Maassen van den Brink
Imke Maassen van den BrinkManager Strategy
Mechanical Engineer with a strong analytical mind, specialised in strategic and financial planning, LCoE research and market studies.

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Imke Maassen van den Brink

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Imke Maassen van den Brink is Manager Strategy at BLIX Consultancy. She is a Mechanical Engineer (Technical University Eindhoven, MSc) with a strong analytical mind. Before joining BLIX, she professionalised her analytical way of thinking and result-oriented approach at the strategy department of RWE Germany and The Netherlands during nine years. Currently she consults on the Dutch and Belgium wind energy and solar energy market, financial and dispatch modelling, business cases, Climate Agreement and imbalance markets. Her key skill is to make business plans and financial cashflow models. Imke is known for her drive, involvement, spontaneous effective communication and team work skills. Until the end of 2018 she combined her function with being Interim Manager Solar.

“At BLIX I can combine my economic and analytical skills with my competence as a team player and my ambition to create a sustainable world together!’