Jeroen Godtschalk
Jeroen GodtschalkSenior Consultant | Manager Offshore Wind
Senior specialist in marine soil & site investigations and civil engineering. More than twenty years of experience in the operations of the global offshore industry.

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Jeroen Godtschalk

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Jeroen Godtschalk is Senior Consultant and Manager Offshore Wind at BLIX Consultancy. He has more than twenty years of experience in the global offshore industry, with a specialisation in site investigations and civil engineering. His background is in geophysics. Jeroen’s skills are: managing, analysing, structuring, researching, engineering and relationship building. He has a structured approach to projects and problems, loves to work alongside clients to provide pragmatic solutions to (complex) problems.

At BLIX, Jeroen is Project Manager (overall) of the IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone Soil Investigations & Integrated Ground Model for Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). He is responsible for reviewing (technical) documents, tracking outstanding actions, reviews and deadlines for both client and contractors and internal and actively participating in meetings with civil contractors for ground investigations and ground laboratory tests.

“It’s a privilege to work close to home in an environment of professionals who have seen the world. My knowledge of the offshore reality is a shared pleasure, which makes working together really an added value.”