Maarten Timmerman
Maarten TimmermanDirector BLIX Asia | Founder
In-depth insight of commercial, contractual and technical aspects of large offshore wind energy development projects in varying wind climates.

Maarten Timmerman

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Maarten Timmerman is Founder and Director of BLIX Asia. He has been involved in Offshore Wind Farm Development since early 2000 and has built an in-depth insight of the commercial, contractual and technical aspects of large wind energy projects in varying wind climates.

Maarten played a key role in shaping the offshore wind concessions tender process in The Netherlands through his advisory role to The Netherlands Government (NEA and Ministry of Economics and Climate). In the last years he has had a variety of roles in development, contracting and construction of offshore wind projects in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Taiwan. Maarten has strategic insight and an eye for management processes, such as project, planning, quality and information management.

In spring 2020 he started the BLIX Asia office in Taipei, Taiwan. Since then he lives in Taipei and works there on offshore wind farm development in Asia.

“I am convinced that in the future we will do things differently and renewable energy supply will have a key role. It feels good to be able to contribute from BLIX to this transition process towards a more sustainable environment. The projects who are part of this are challenging from multiple perspectives and I feel excited to take these challenges together with my colleagues.”