Manon Dikhoff
Manon DikhoffGeneral Manager | HR Manager
Relations focused General Manager and HR Manager with years of experience in business management.

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Manon Dikhoff

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Manon Dikhoff is General Manager and Human Resource Manager at BLIX Consultancy. With a background and years of experience in office- and business management and employment law, she started almost eight years ago at BLIX as office manager with a strong focus on HRM. After one year, she became responsible for the complete business management and all HR related business, including recruitment. Manon has a strong focus on relationship building, is enthusiastic and is always one step ahead in taking BLIX to the next level.

Manon’s heart lies with HRM. On the one hand, she is attracted to employment law. On the other, she is interested in people and in what drives them. In addition, she wants to help people further, guide them in the next step in their career, but also in their personal development.

“After eight years working for BLIX, I am far from finished here. It is great to work on the energy transition together with a growing but above all strong, solid, motivated and social team of professionals. And BLIX’s ambitions for the future promise more than enough challenges for me!”