Marco Bogaards
Marco BogaardsSenior Consultant | Project Manager
Senior Contract Manager with over fifteen years of experience in contract management, procurement management and project management, with a focus on onshore wind energy projects.

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Marco Bogaards

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Marco Bogaards is Senior Consultant, Project Manager and Contract Manager at BLIX Consultancy. His focus area is onshore wind energy projects. Marco has over fifteen years of experience in contract, procurement and project management within the oil, gas, and energy industry. Within BLIX, as Project Manager he supports clients in the contracting of wind turbines.

Before joining BLIX, Marco subsequently worked as Contracting Manager and as Technical Manager at the international tank storage provider Vopak. Before Vopak, Marco fulfilled various roles at different companies such as logistics manager, purchasing manager, quality assurance manager, sourcing specialist, labour & services specialist, team leader procurement, contracting manager and technical manager.

Core values of Marco include his enthusiasm, wide knowledge and attention to detail.

“Within BLIX I have found a trusted place of enthusiastic colleagues and professionals. Working and learning with the team in a challenging and changing world of energy is great! Together Everyone Achieves More!”