Michiel Oosterhaven
Michiel OosterhavenSenior Consultant
Experienced developer of onshore wind farms; advisor in all development phases, due diligence, and contract- and project management.

Michiel Oosterhaven

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Michiel Oosterhaven works as Senior Consultant and is an experienced developer of onshore wind farms. He advises about development phases, due diligence and contract and project management. He is capable to determine the technical and economic feasibility of every wind farm by means of software as Windpro and cashflow modelling. Michiel is strongly analytic and has the drive to make projects a success. In the past years he developed wind farms in Servia and Bulgaria and brought them to Financial Close. He was not only responsible for due diligence, but also for the contract management.

“I believe in working in a team of professionals, where all available knowledge and experience is used to achieve an optimal result. This team is BLIX. I also believe in the energy transition. By working in wind projects, I contribute to the further sustainability of the energy supply.”