Riccardo Maselli
Riccardo Maselli Consultant | Project Manager
Consultant and project manager with a specialization in Sustainable Energy Technology and a strong dedication to contribute to the energy transition.

Riccardo Maselli

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Riccardo Maselli works for BLIX Consultancy (part of AFRY) as a junior consultant and project manager. Riccardo holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from his hometown Naples, and a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technology, preparing him to make significant contributions to the field of renewable energy.

Riccardo’s expertise and passion align seamlessly with our mission to be at the forefront of the energy transition. During his masters, this passion has led him to write his thesis about the optimization and integration of renewable energy systems. As he now starts his career as a wind energy consultant, we are certain that his dedication and skills will be crucial for our projects going forward.

“By joining BLIX (as part of AFRY), I will have the opportunity to work on all stages of the development of Renewable Energy projects. It is the perfect opportunity for me to learn by a talented team in such a vibrant work environment. The Energy Transition is here to stay, and I can’t wait to give my contribution”