Tim van de Noort
Tim van de NoortConsultant | Communications and Stakeholder Manager
Communications and Stakeholder Manager with broad experience in renewable energy projects.

Mail: timvandenoort­
Call: +31 6 2311 5642

Tim van de Noort

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As of September 2020, Tim van de Noort is the Communications, Stakeholder and Quality Manager at BLIX Consultancy. Sustainability is running through his veins, and with his interest in technical innovations, Tim aims to communicate BLIX’ mission thoroughly. Quality and transparency are also extremely important for Tim, which is why he is also responsible for the quality management of BLIX and the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for outstanding quality that goes along with it. Finally, Tim works as stakeholder manager during the development and construction of onshore wind farms, always making sure that the process is being communicated in a way that it connects with all stakeholders.

“Making the world a little better, one turbine at a time, is my greatest motivation to get out of bed every morning. I am therefore very happy to be part of a team that is just as committed to that cause.”