Tim van der Swaan
Tim van der SwaanConsultant | Project Manager

Tim van der Swaan

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As of March 2022, Tim van der Swaan has joined BLIX as Consultant and Project Manager. Tim is a Mechanical Engineer with a master’s degree in Offshore & Dredging Engineering from Delft University of Technology, where he specialised in bottom founded structures, wind and arctic conditions. After his graduation, he worked at Boskalis as Project and Tender Engineer, organising and managing various work scopes of offshore wind cable tenders and projects. In these roles he acted as interface between client, operations and supporting departments, solving a broad range of (technical) challenges, while managing ITT and contract requirements up until the delivery of a working product.

Tim is structured, has strong analytical skills as well as strongly developed engineering skills. With his positive attitude and can-do mentality, he is a highly effective consultant who delivers to promise.

In search of a positive impact on nature and society, I have been passionate about working in the wind industry -one of the pillars of sustainable energy- for a long time. I am very excited I joined BLIX’s knowledgeable and skilful team, and I look forward to helping our clients efficiently develop their projects and speed up the transition towards a more sustainable energy supply.