Timo Staal
Timo StaalConsultant | Project Manager
Offshore & Dredging Engineer with a passion for renewable energy and sports. Specialised in Bottom Founded & Floating offshore structures.

Timo Staal

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Timo Staal (30) started working at BLIX as Project Manager and Consultant in October 2021. He holds a Master’s degree in Offshore & Dredging Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. His specialisation is Bottom Founded & Floating offshore structures. Timo took his first steps in the offshore business as an intern at Heerema Marine Contractors, followed by a graduate internship at Seaway Heavy Lifting (Seaway 7). After that he started as a Project and Technical Sales Engineer at TWD, where he successfully realised projects concerning structural and mechanical designs. The project management included among others, budgeting, client communication and planning.

At BLIX Timo is currently working on 3 projects  The first project is the 1,044 MW Hai Long wind farm off the coast of Taiwan, where he supports the local team on the Transport & Installation Scope (foundation pillars, jackets, offshore substations, inter-array cables and export cables). In addition, he is involved as a Project Manager in an offshore wind market study, and he leads a due diligence project for an onshore wind farm. In these roles Timo can use his experience and broaden his knowledge in the wind industry.

Timo is a social person with a strong focus on structuring. With clear project management and clear communication, the customer will receive a suitable solution. Collaborating with others is what Timo likes best; it gives him energy to exceed expectations as a team. Combining this mindset with his curiosity makes it possible for him to lead projects in the different phases of a wind project. We are happy to welcome him to our team!

“Being involved in the wide variety of services BLIX has to offer, challenges me. Working in this dynamic environment gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the wind industry. It is motivating to see that accelerating the energy transition is strongly supported within BLIX. A pleasant and knowledgeable team that I feel proud being part of.”