Xavier Goddon
Xavier GoddonSenior Project Manager | Strategic Consultant
PMP Certified Senior Project Manager and Strategic Consultant with over 10 years of experience in the energy industry

Xavier Goddon

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Xavier Goddon is an experienced project manager (PMP certified) in onshore wind and the energy sector as a whole. He holds a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering, obtained from the Université Joseph Fourier in France.

In the past, he has been managing multiple windfarm construction projects on behalf of Nordex. He has worked both in France and in the Netherlands where he delivered many Wind Turbine Generators on various windfarms, while managing the construction team, focusing on meeting project targets for quality, budget, schedule and HSE. During his time in the Nuclear industry he was responsible for delivering operational safety studies for new reactor design and then for delivering installation and commissioning equipment to a new built reactor in China. During these experiences, he was managing cross-functional teams, project planning, scheduling, costing, purchasing, competitive bidding processes – RFP/RFQ – and vendors’ supervision.

Xavier is enthusiastic about the energy transition and is looking forward to using his skills and experience to continue to contribute towards transitioning into a more sustainable future.

“I have spent most of my career working towards a low carbon energy production and I am looking forward to continue in that direction with an amazing team of BLIXers! The journey towards a sustainable future has to be ramped up dramatically and I will bring all my strength to this goal”