IJmuiden Ver wind farm zone

Contract Management, LCoE Study, MetOcean Study and Wind, Water, Soil & Wave Investigations

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Contract and project management for the collection of site data for offshore wind areas Borssele, Hollandse Kust (South, West and North)  and IJmuiden Ver.

The results of the studies form a state of the art information package for the offshore wind farm developer on the water, soil, wind and wave conditions in the wind area. The objective for the Dutch government is to get competitive bids from commercial parties in the tender phase.

  • State of the art ground model
  • Complete report used for competitive bid in the tender phase

Stakeholder Management, Project Management, Communication Management

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TenneT has designed a 2GW HVDC grid connection system for the IJmuiden Ver offshore wind area. Given the interface with the offshore wind farms and the importance that the offshore wind developers can have with certain technical design options, TenneT has set up a stakeholder engagement process. The developers are consulted about the grid design by means of position papers about the technical design choices, expert sessions and an online communication portal. They can directly respond and ask questions.

As an independent party, BLIX leads this consultation process through a project leader, day chairman and communication manager.

Published studies for IJmuiden Ver

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BLIX and TNO published the report Pathways to potential cost reductions for offshore wind energy. The study has been divided into three phases, with phase I aiming at potential cost reduction to be achieved by scaling up present technology. Phase II focused on cost reduction potential applying incremental innovations, qualitative assessment of these innovations and quantitative predictions of the effects of some of these innovations on the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE). In phase III a list of break-through/disruptive or emerging technology innovations has been inventoried and evaluated qualitatively.

For this study, IJmuiden ver has has been selected as reference zone.

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BLIX Consultancy & partners were asked by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) a.o. to determine the cost levels of offshore wind farms and their grid connection systems in new offshore wind energy search areas by performinga Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) study. The reference for this study is IJmuiden Ver as this wind farm zone is the last of the currently allocated wind farm zones within the 2030 Roadmap that will be developed and because IJmuiden Ver will be connected with 2 GW HVDC grid connection systems, currently also assumed for wind farm zones in the new search areas.

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BLIX published the report “Study into Levelized Cost of Energy of variants for wind farm site boundaries of Hollandse Kust (west), Ten Noorden van de Waddeneilanden and IJmuiden Ver

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency awarded BLIX Consultancy & partners a study to investigate the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) ofdifferent variantsforthe wind farm site boundaries. The results are described in the current report.

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